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The people of USA have a mixed attitude of both love and hate towards gambling. Some of them indulge in active gambling while others try hard to get a ban on it. Being a democracy, each state has their own way of handling the legal issues relating to gambling. It is not allowed everywhere but only in those states where it is well flourished. The easy truce utterly shattered with World Wide Web's arrival in 1990s and at that time casinos were opened for the first time and became successful instantly. The revenue of US from this gambling business exceeded $600 million in its first year itself and continued to rise up every subsequent year.

Online gambling provided the Americans the ease of playing from home and they need not go to any other place for gambling. However, there was problem operating this game as internet was not a physical place and so, it became difficult to regulate it by the state. This is because one can log to these sites from any place. This kind of illegal gambling in the USA was banned by many states who found that citizens were involved in this online gambling. James Leach of the Congress led concerted drive to ban this mode of gambling from 2000.

Campaigning for four years made the passing of Internet Funding Prohibition Act possible, which didn't outlaw gambling completely but made the same illegal for credit card dealing companies and banks for transferring funds from casinos. In 2006, Internet Gambling Prohibition Enforcement Act was passed which totally outlawed the gambling. So, one cannot gamble via internet in USA unless it receives the approval from the state. Latest movement in favor of online gambling is in New Jersey and if their bill for legalizing gambling is passed, then online gambling will receive a new dimension in terms of its legal force in USA. For a complete list of USA government-approved online casinos, visit the established site Apart from selected sites, you will be able to choose an attractive bonus and play your preferred games free of charge. Our recommendation is to go for the great value deal of 100 free spins.

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